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They Speak with Authority

See, They Do Give You Something in Return for Your Taxes!

These links are mainly to US- and European-government sponsored sites such as NASA, USGS and ESA. They are generally well-organized, well-funded and take the expected bland, party-line approach to most subjects. The information content is generally excellent and reliable. These sites are listed alphabetically rather than by order of magnitude, importance or political calculus.



The Horsehead Nebula

Credit: Nigel Sharp (NOAO), NSF

One of the most identifiable nebulae in the sky, the Horsehead Nebula in Orion, is part of a large, dark, molecular cloud. This image was taken with the 0.9 meter telescope at Kitt Peak National Observatory



Astronomy Picture of the Day
Daily offering from NASA. The archives contain some magnificent portraits of the photogenic targets in our cosmos.

Chandra X-Ray Observatory Center
Semi-official site operated for NASA by Harvard University. 
Great introduction to the field of X-ray astronomy.

ESA Science
European Space Agency home page.

Science and images from Hubble. 
The images are what makes this site compelling.

Mission-oriented website focused on planetary exploration.

Lunar and Planetary Institute - Planetary Imagery Sites

NASA's mother webpage. NASA has a huge web footprint, and to make sense out of all the NASA-related sites takes some doing.

NSSDC Photo Gallery
Official US government photo gallery.

National Space Science Data Center
Wealth of space science and mission data.

Science News Update
Daily news digest. You can also access the headlines through our Newsfeeds.

Space Telescope Science Institute (STScI)
All about the Hubble Space Telescope and related science

USGS Astrogeology Research Program
Planetary science

USGS Flagstaff Field Center
Regional resource for Earth and planetary science

US Naval Observatory
Astronomical Applications Department. 
A variety of publications and data services.  

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