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Our Photogenic Output

These are some astronomical photographs from our members.

Images from Steve Leshin

Images from Mike Cadwell

The Solar and Lunar Eclipse Page 

The Ostroski Gallery

Doug G. Ostroski
               Page 1 - Nebulae
               Page 2 - Nebulas and Galaxies
               Page 3 - Comets
               Page 4 - Space Art

Tim Haggerty's Gallery and Website

Member Photos

Various Member Photos

Member Photos Page 2

More Various Member Photos

M42 and More

J D uses his Hyperstar 3

Different Light  

J D and Jerry Madero team up to take photos.

Club Member Telescopes

A photo review of some of our club's telescopes.


Solar and Lunar Page

Sunspots, Solar Flares and Lunar activity

Solar and Lunar Page 2


Iridium Flare Mania

Iridium flare pictures from J D. And, a few ISS also.

    Star Party Pictures

    Star Party Pictures Page 2

Some of our public get togethers.


Comet and Nova Page

Recent comet passes and nova visible to the Verde Valley


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