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Say It with Pictures 

Page 3 - Comets

Equipment: Ed Byers 812 mount or Losmandy G-11.  Camera Olympus OM-1 
ASA 400-1600 film. Scope: Celestron C-11 

"When beggars die, there are no comets seen;
The heavens themselves blaze forth the death of princes."
                    - William Shakespeare. Julius Caesar, Act II, Scene 2.

We have some comets here, captured by D. G. O.  

(We take no responsibility for the death of princes.)

Comet Hale Bopp

Joshua Tree National Monument
10 minute exposure; tripod mount
Check out SEDS' Hale Bopp website on Spaceviews.

Comet Hale Bopp

400 mm;
 10 minute exposure

Here is a link to NASA's 
Hale Bopp information


Comet Hyakutake

"The Great Comet of 1996"


Check out NASA's
Comet Hyakutake website.

Doug Ostroski's

backyard observatory

The Swan Nebula

Nikon DSLR

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