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Our Charter

We Are in the Amateur Astronomy Club Business

Our Mission

Astronomers of Verde Valley is an amateur astronomy club that serves the communities of the Verde Valley, Arizona. Here, surrounded by the Mingus Mountains and the Red Rock country of Sedona, we are favored by the clear air and dark skies of the high desert. We have an enthusiastic and varied membership that includes scientists, professional astronomers, teachers, authors, students, and big-city refugees from all walks of life. Our mission is to inform, educate and entertain by providing a varied and interesting program of activities for our membership and the communities we serve. Our projects include educational programs and presentations by guest speakers and our members, practical telescope design and construction, public star parties, field observation of various astronomical events and trips to observatories and other space science venues. 

We welcome your interest in our club and hope you share our passion for this ancient yet ultramodern science. You are invited to attend any of our public star parties or join us at one of our monthly meetings. These are held on typically the first Wednesday of each month at 4:00PM. The venue is the Cottonwood Library in Cottonwood, AZ. 

If you would like to become a member of AVV please use the contact information below. We will be happy to assist you.

of Verde Valley


        Contact Information

          Astronomers of Verde Valley

          PO Box 714 Cottonwood, AZ  86326

         602 672 2032



          For an application form to join the club,

The Crab Nebula in Taurus -  a supernova remnant from 1054 AD
The European Southern Observatory Very Large Telescope




Our Bylaws

For Those Who Must Read This Stuff:


   April 18, 1998

Article I:  Name

                   The name of this organization shall be Astronomers of Verde Valley.

Article II:  Object

                   The objects of this organization shall be to provide a forum for discussions concerning astronomy, to provide an astronomy educational opportunity for the Verde Valley, provide an environment for members to observe Arizona skies, and to promote such other activities regarding astronomy as deemed appropriate by the members.

Article III:  Members

                   A.  Any person or family with an interest in astronomy shall be admitted to membership in the organization upon payment of membership dues.

                   B.  Rights of membership shall consist of:

                                      1. Voting

                                      2.  Holding office

                                      3.  Receiving  club publications                  

                                      4.  Participating in club holiday festivities and other functions                  

                   C.  Membership dues shall be collected by the Treasurer during the first month of the calendar year (the calendar year serving as the fiscal year for this organization).  Dues are delinquent after March 1, resulting in suspension of membership until dues are paid.  Membership will be dropped after April 1.  New members dues shall be pro-rated as decided by the board. 

                   D.  Complimentary memberships may be given at the discretion of the board.

 Article IV:  Officers

                   A.  The election of Officers shall take place during the first month of the calendar year at the annual meeting using standard rules for conducting the election including asking for nominations from the assembled membership.  The term of office is one year.

                   B.  A nominating committee composed of one previous officer and two other members shall be appointed by the President, shall meet within the last two months of the old calendar year, and shall prepare a slate of officers to present to the membership at the annual meeting.

                   C.  The following Officers shall be elected each year from members that have been in good standing for at least a year:

                                      1.  President

                                      2.  Vice-President

                                      3.  Secretary

                                      4.  Treasurer

                                      5.  Board Member at Large

                   D.  The duties of the Officers are as follows:

                           1.  President

                                     a.  Preside at meetings of the organization and the Executive  Committee

                                     b.  Administer the affairs of the organization

                                     c.  Establish the agenda for all meetings in cooperation with the Secretary

                                     d.  Represent the organization to the community

                                     e.  Appoint committee chairs as needed

                     2.  Vice-President

                                     a.  Serve as presiding officer in the absence of the President

                                     b.  Perform such other duties as required by the President and the Executive Committee

                          3.  Secretary

                                    a.  Maintain a record of all the proceedings of the organization, including the minutes of meetings and committee reports

                                    b.  Maintain the membership roster

                                    c.  Provide the minutes and reports to members on request

                                    d.  Furnish committees with required documents

                                    e.  Maintain a list of active committees

                                    f.  Notify newly elected officials of their position and responsibilities

                                    g.  Maintain record books containing bylaws, special rules of order, standing rules, minutes and other documents

                                    h.  Notify members of meetings

                                    i.  Prepare meeting agendas in cooperation with the President

                                    j.  Preside over meetings in the absence of the President and the Vice-President

                                   k.  Answer correspondence as needed

                          4.  Treasurer

                                   a.  Notify members of annual dues

                                   b.  Maintain a ledger of income and expenses

                                   c.  Notify members of delinquent dues resulting in change of membership status

                                   d.  Make purchases, pay bills as authorized by the executive committee

                                   e.  Provide secretary with changes in the membership roster

                        5.  Board Member at Large

                                  a.  Attends executive committee with vote

                                  b.  Performs such duties as assigned by the President


Article V:  Executive Committee

                   A.  The Executive Committee shall consist of the elected officers and the immediate  past-president.

                   B.  Meetings shall be held at least quarterly or more often as needed

                   C.  Minutes of these meetings shall be presented to the next  meeting of the organization.

                   D.  Duties

                            1.  Establish the date, time, and place for regular monthly meetings of the organization

                            2.  Schedule special events and appoint committees to develop the details related to these events

                            3.  Prepare annual budget

                            4.  Perform additional functions as necessary for the operation of and the betterment of the organization                  

                            5.  Fill vacancies among the officers

                   E.  Any decision of the Executive Committee may be suspended by a 2/3 vote of the membership present at a regular meeting.

 Article VI:  Meetings

                   A.  Regular meetings of the organization are held monthly at a time and place established by the Executive Committee

                   B.  Members are notified of future meetings by the Secretary

                   C.  Special meetings may be called by the President, two other members of the Executive Committee, or any three members in good standing.

                   D.  A quorum necessary for transacting business shall consist of 1/3 of the members in good standing and one officer in attendance

 Article VII:  Other committees

                   A.  Standing committees

                   B.  Special committees

                           1.  Special committees shall be created and given specific duties whenever the Executive Committee or the organization require their service.

 Article VIII:  Parliamentary Authority

                   The rules contained in the 1989 edition of Robertís Rules of Order Newly Revised shall govern the organization in all cases to which they are applicable and in which they are not inconsistent with these bylaws and any special rules of order the organization may adopt. 

Article IX:  Amendments

                   These bylaws may be amended by a two-thirds vote of the membership provided that the amendment has been submitted to the membership in writing at the previous regular meeting.

Article X:  Dissolution

                   Upon the dissolution of the organization, the Executive Committee shall pay, or make provision for payment of, all the liabilities of the society.  Any remaining assets shall be disposed of in ways which would further the specific purposes of the organization. 

Article XI:

                   These bylaws shall supersede any previous bylaws of this organization.

 Article XII:

                   Nothing in these bylaws regarding qualifications of Officers shall apply to Officers serving at the time these bylaws are enacted.

Approved April 18, 1998

Astronomers of Verde Valley