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Special Events Descriptions

Please keep tuned to our Club Calendar for updated events.

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Kartchner Cavern Events

Spring & Fall: Solar gazing at Sun Spots, solar flares and solar prominences at Kartchner Caverns. A Night Sky Network tent will also be filled with pictures, projects and information about the day and night skies. At 5:30PM, a guest astronomer will speak in the amphitheater. Star gazing under the dark skies of Arizona will follow. A second event is planned for the fall. See the link for more information.

Messier Marathon

March or April: The Astronomers of Verde Valley will be having their annual Messier Marathon and 5K at the Bruce Brockett Trail Head. This event is honoring Charles Messier, the comet hunter in the 1700's. The idea of the event is to view and log as many of the 110 Messier objects in one evening as possible. A Messier 5K is for those not ready for the rigorous all night adventure and is designed to view at least 50 Messier objects before midnight. The event starts off before sunset with a pot luck dinner. For more information send an email to .

Red Rock Ranger Station Event

Spring & Fall: Come  out to the Red Rock Ranger Station on Hwy 179 just south of the Villages of Oak Creek for a day of hiking, solar viewing thru special hydrogen alpha telescopes and stay late for the evenings star party. Solar viewing will be from 2 PM to 4 PM. A themed Power Point presentation will start off the evenings activities at 7 PM with viewing thru several large telescopes provided from 8 PM to 10 PM. A second event is scheduled for early Fall.

Tuzigoot Star Night

Spring: The  Annual Star Night at Tuzigoot National Monument in Clarkdale, AZ. This annual event brings out guests from all over the US as well as many local residents.  A star talk or presentation at dusk will precede the star party and rangers will lead groups on constellation walks down the paths of the Monument.

Red Rock State Park

Spring & Fall: This is the first of a series of events at Red Rock State Park in Sedona. The event will include a presentation at the Twin Cypress Ramada and viewing after thru telescopes. The second event will be later in  the year with the same format as the first. Reservations will be required for all of these events. Call 928 282 6907 for more information.

Moon Light Hike @ Red Rock State Park

Various Dates: Moon Light Hike events will be on Full Moon dates. After taking a hike at sunset, telescopes will be available to view the Moon and other stellar objects. Reservations will be required for all of these events. Call 928 282 6907 for more information.

Sunset Crater National Monument

Summertime: Sunset Crater National Monument just north of Flagstaff will be having their special Sun and star gazing events. Solar gazing will be from 1PM until 4PM. An Observational Astronomy Power Point presentation will precede the evenings star party. A second event will be typically one month later and a third one month after that. Go to the link below for more info.

Alamo Lake State Park Night Under the Stars

November : The date is set for the  Annual Night Under the Stars at the dark site of Alamo Lake State Park near Wenden. Come out, camp out and the see the many telescopes set up for the evening. During the daytime, there will be booths with all kinds of information on astronomy, pictures and sky maps for the evening. Solar telescopes will also be set up to safely view the Sun's spots, flares and prominences. The 2012 event was designated as an Arizona Centennial Event.  Click here for pictures and video of past years events. Contact the Park for more information.